Why I Shop at Thrive Market and What to Buy

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My friend and I were chatting the other day and she said to me “you need to do a blog post on what you buy at Thrive market, I never know what to get.”  I was like DONE!  So here we are, I am about to tell you why I shop at Thrive Market and what I buy from them.

Why I shop at Thrive Market….

I was late to the Thrive Market bandwagon.  I started buying items from them a few months before COVID hit and then my purchases definitely grew as we tried to avoid going to the grocery store less and less.  Thrive Market is an online store that sells organic and healthy products for less.  And they are not lying about the “for less” part.  They charge an annual membership fee and have their own brand of products (spoiler alert, it’s good and CHEAPER than the brand names you might know and love).  They have sales and you can earn Thrive cash in addition to having a lot of products already marked down since they cut out the middle man.

I buy a ton of fresh food.  We are not big “aisle” shoppers because we buy so much fresh, but that being said we buy a ton of staples that we cook with.  What I started finding when I signed up for Thrive is a lot of the items that I bought were at least a dollar per item cheaper.  For example I LOVE Pacific Bone Broth.  You guys see me use boxed broth in a lot of my recipes.  And most of the recipes call for ten to twelve cups of broth.  So that winds up being almost twenty dollars in chicken broth for a soup.  At Whole Foods this box is usually $6.49 unless it’s on sale (which is not all of the time).  At Thrive it’s $5.49, so 15% off.  

And that’s just the start.  My face wash that I love is from Acure Organics.  Currently it is listed as $17.88 from Amazon, it’s $7.99 at Thrive.  I started realizing very quickly how the savings could rack up.

Show me the money!

Did I mention I do finance for a living?  The annual membership is five a month or sixty dollars a year.  However, they usually always offer you twenty five percent off on your first order.  Let’s use my example of chicken broth.  Say I know that I will go through twenty boxes of chicken broth at some point (probably no joke in a few weeks here!)  While I have to pay my annual membership of $60, I not only save one dollar a box, but I get the 25% off my first order.  Essentially the membership fee takes care of itself:

Also if you use Rakuten (formerly eBates) Thrive Market is usually 1% cash back and sometimes it goes to 2-3%.  So that is additional savings on top of what you save on every day items.

What I buy:

On to the good stuff, what I buy!  I am going to break it down into sections for you with some examples of each.  However, I would encourage you to do some price comparisons.  Some of the items are the same price as stores I shop some are cheaper.  But you get free shipping on orders over $50 so at that point if I don’t need the item I save myself (or my husband really!) the trip to the store.  (click on pictures to be taken to items)

  • Smoothie essentials: protein (Sunwarrior for my husband), Thrive Market brand ground chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flaxseeds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanut butter (it comes in a pouch which is awesome for easy use!)

  • Grains: Thrive Market organic rice (love the jasmine & basmati), TM beans, TM Chickpea pasta, Monetbello Pasta (one of my favorite brands of Italian imported pastas!)

  • Pantry Staples: Thrive Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil, TM pasta sauce, TM coffee beans, Jovial crushed tomatoes, BioNaturae Tomato Paste, Pacific Bone Broth/Chicken Broth

  • Personal Care: Acure Face Wash, Acure shampoo, conditioner & dry shampoo, Seventh Generation tampons

  • For the Home: Seventh Generation cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergent & laundry detergent
  • For the kiddo: I get a lot of Isley’s vitamins on here including her DHA drops & Vitamin C drops, also a lot of our organic kid snacks are cheaper here

How to join…..

So if you are interested in checking it out and saving money you can click my referral link here to save 25% on your first order.  I highly recommend using that order to stock up on the stuff you use a lot since the savings is so great.  And if you aren’t using Rakuten already for your every day purchases you can check that out here and get $20 for signing up.

So now you know why I shop at Thrive Market.  If you have any questions drop a comment below!

*Disclaimer – I do get a referral fee if you sign up thru Thrive Market or Rakuten thru the links provided.

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