quick mexican black bean “pasta”


  e just got back from almost two weeks abroad.  We went to northern Italy and ended in Paris.  Out of the entire trip there were two meals, TWO, that were just “ok”.  Both countries LOVE their carbs.  Breakfasts there aren’t like here so getting smoothies or eggs isn’t the norm.  But croissants are!  Then

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detox – how to quick reboot

  fter being in Europe for two weeks and eating croissants for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner, cheese on everything or by itself and drinking wine we needed a reboot.  While these meals sound great (and taste fabulous) this “lifestyle” probably isn’t great for your waist line.  However, yes you walk EVERYWHERE and

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life lessons from a yogi: the second year

  veryone would ask “how’s married life going” after we got married.  My answer was always “amazing”.  Several people have told me that the first year of marriage would be the hardest.  I couldn’t disagree more.  My first year of marriage truly felt like an extended honeymoon.  But the second year?!?!  That’s a different story.

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